Classes Offered


April 17-22

July 8-9

September 14-17

Below is a list of classes I’ve already developed.  I am also happy to work with your group to develop a specific program that meets your needs.  I have been studying and teaching fiber arts for a number of years, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, please ask.  For information on my fee schedule and policies, please contact me using the contact form.

The first question I always hear is “How do I get people/customers to come to my website/Ravelry group/Facebook page?”  What
Some fiber is stretchy and some is drapey. Some wool feels prickly andsome doesn’t. Most wool felts... but some doesn’t.
There is something satisfying about growing your own fiber. Cotton is full of tricks, especially if you live further north.
Almost anything can be fiber, if you try hard enough. In this class, we'll explore pineapple fiber, and I don't
Double-coated fleeces have everything; a different fiber for every occasion!  They’re the holy grail of spinning, if you can unlock
Natural dyeing is a science more than an art. It can be intimidating, especially once you realize it takes a
Drape, that elusive quality of how fabric hangs and moves. Merino won't get you there. How yarn is constructed has
We know lofty yarn is warm, fuzzy, and light yarn, but how do we getthere? We’ll explore the fiber qualities,
Your very first yarn was thick and uneven. Shortly after, you mastered spinning the finest lace... and couldn't quite get
Welcome to the world of bast plant fibers! Hold onto your linens, things areabout to get messy! During the morning,
If you have cold feet about dyeing yarn and fiber… If you would love to create your own custom colorways…
Congratulations on deciding to start your new fiber arts business! Beforeyou make that first sale, though, there are a few
You’ve mastered the basic two-ply yarn.  Now it’s time to jazz up your weaving and knitting.  In this intermediate class,
You just impulse bought a beautiful braid of indie dyed fiber in the vendor hall. It matches nothing else in
Are you a passionate knitter ready to deepen your understanding of yarn?  Have you woven your way to the end