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Digital Resources

For many of us in the United States, we’ve been swamped with digital connection during the last two weeks. Those who are working from home have had endless Zoom meetings and webinars. All of the fiber folks I know have stepped up to offer online teaching, digital yarn shows, and video meetups. So many museums,

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Color Inspirations

Looking for some color inspiration for your fiber? Try one of these color apps. Yes, I know there are a ton of great apps out there. These are a few of my favorites. CANVA Canva is a multi-faceted tool that allows you to design professional-looking documents, logos and infographics. It also has a nice palette

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What to Call a Plant Fiber

When it comes to talking about plant fibers, we throw a lot of terminology around.  For a number of us, wool was our first fiber, and plant fibers are a world away.  (Mind you, there’s not a “best” starting point.   It isn’t “better” to start with wool over plant fibers.  Start where you’re at.  I

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