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For Science!

I’m working with the Wildflower Acres farm in Fillmore, Missouri. Joanna owns a small flock of Corriedale sheep bred specifically as a handspinner’s flock. She keeps her eye on genetics and micron count and continues to breed for finer, more lustrous colored fleeces. Much of the research surrounding micron count only focuses on Merino sheep.

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What the Flax?

At this exact moment, you might be asking yourself… is that a pasta maker? Why, yes, my astute student, that is indeed a pasta maker. But, Meagan, what are you doing with a pasta maker? Last year, I planted flax in my square foot garden. I ended up with a nice, 8 sq ft crop.

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Try This! Felted Soap Experiment

Let’s try a controlled experiment to see how temperature and fiber type impact feltability. You will need… one to two ounces of commercially prepared wool (not superwash) one to two ounces of alpaca or another protein fiber beside wool A bar of soap, your preference Water A sharp knife  Begin by slicing your soap into

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