Review: The Long Thread

As you all know, I love taking time to review new literature that comes out in the spinning world. I just got my pre-order of The Long Thread and I am not disappointed. Long Thread Media recently published this collection of articles featuring a number of unusual fibers and spinning techniques.

This may be one of the most graphically appealing books I have seen in a while. With a clean, white layout the photos really pop, especially those with subjects presented on a white background. On top of that, the photos are incredibly well color-coordinated throughout. You can tell that the design team had a clear palette in mind. And it works.

The articles themselves have been carefully coordinated to feature a number of skills, materials and personalities that even a seasoned spinner might not have heard about. From paper to leaf art… worm spit to Soumack, this title is creative, inspiring and poetic.

I devoured it the first day I got it and immediately launched an upcoming project with the Powell Gardens, Kansas City’s botanical garden. I’ll be sharing that soon!

This is not a how-to book, so if you’re looking for skill-building, look elsewhere. But if you’re looking to be inspired and explore new textile worlds, this is your book.


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