Resources for Divide and Conquer – PlyAway 2022

Shop: Golden Grove Farm

What in Class: Navajo-Churro Fleece
For this class, I picked our fleece from Alyssa at Golden Grove Farm. She’s based out of New York and produces some scrummy fleeces.

Additional Navajo-Churro Resource: I also like to get fleeces from Sam Cunningham who has previously sat on the board for the Navajo Churro Sheep Association. She has beautiful fleeces and a wealth of knowledge.

Shop: Fiber Acres by Karen
What in Class: Karakul Fleece
Karen has some beautiful Karakuls in her flock and she sells with the hand spinner in mind. She is great to work with.  

Shop: Spotted Sheep Farm
What in Class: Icelandic Fleeces
I’ve been working with Terri for a few years now and she is brilliant.  She’s a scientist at heart and has been working on flock improvements for hand-spinners.  She’s also done a few pieces for the Ply blog and has an upcoming article in the science issue. 

Shop: Marie Redding Arts
What in Class: Soay and Boreray Fleeces
Has relationships with a number of farms in the UK and has access to several rare British breeds.  If you let her know you took my class, she’ll include some extras with your order.

Shop: Clemes & Clemes
What in Class: Lock Pop, Cards
Henry and Roy are gems of the fiber community.  They had a booth at PlyAway if you made it to the vendor hall.  They produce some really high quality fiber tools.  I’m a fan of their curve-backed cotton cards in particular.  And the lock pop is a game changer.


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