Joey Pouches – Final Update

Hi team!

Our box is on its way to Sarah in Australia. Just a recap, even though the craft guild is no longer taking craft donations, Sarah is aware of our shipment and gave the go ahead to send our shipment. We also sent some items to Operation Wildlife near Lawrence Kansas, here in the United States to offset freight costs and because there is a local need for items as well.

We collected 402 individual items, including pouches, liners, bat wraps, nests, hanging pouches, and extra material for lining pouches. That’s more than 50lbs (22kg) of items, taking up more than 12 sq ft of space.

Fedex was an absolutely nightmare to deal with. I’ve never been transferred so many times in a phone call and they had me jump through so many loop holes and I just can’t justify working with them as a business.

Instead, we went with DHL. The final cost of shipping was over $975, so if you still have a burning urge to contribute, please feel free to donate toward the shipping expense here. I won’t say no to help. The package has been shipped though!

These items will be sent out to animal rescue groups in Australia as items are requested. The items sent to Project Wildlife will be used

If you still want to contribute to the cause, what they really need now are cash donations to pay for animal food. You can donate directly to the cause here. Alternatively, you can always check with your local rescues. I guarantee there are animal rescue organisations in need near you, too!

All photos came from the Animal Rescue Craft Guild.


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