Joey Pouches Part 5

Hey team! Good news! Most of the craft need has been met! Worldwide attention to this effort has paid off.

If you have completed items, please still send them to me, but you can save your future craftiness for other great efforts. Sarah, my contact at the guild, is aware of our shipment, which is still planned to ship out after February 5th. While this year the fires have been particularly nasty, there are fires every year and animals to save. Sarah will hold onto the items until they are needed.

If you still want to contribute, you can help support the cause by donating here:

Thank you to everyone for being so responsive and so flexible!


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  1. Estelle Wagner Reply

    Hi there!
    My dear knitter friend from KC shared your posts, and I have just finished a knitted pouch to send you (started before the pause!), but I am in Switzerland and am not sure it will arrive to you in time for your shipment Feb 5th. Would you like me to try to send it (it may take 2-3 weeks), or can you privately share Sarah’s address with me so I can send it directly? Thanks for all the amazing work you are doing!

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