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Hi team. I’ve been approached by a friend in Australia to help make joey pouches for some of the animals affected by the wildfires. I’ll be working with Sarah, a member of the Animal Rescue Craft Guild. I’ll be making and collecting joey pouches to mail out on February 5, 2020. It isn’t just cash donations that they need. They’re really in need of the man power right now.

How can you help?

Make a joey pouch. Mail it to me or get it to me locally by February 5. Drink some tea.

Here are the patterns:

Knit or Crochet Micro Joey Pouch

Knit Joey Pouch

They’re very simple. For us Americans, 8-ply yarn is a DK weight with size 6 needles.

You can line them yourselves or, if you don’t sew, Sarah has agreed to line any pouches she gets without a liner.

Because shipping to Australia can be pricey, if you can get yours to me by February 5, I’ll mail them out all together. You can mail them to me at this address or make arrangements to get them to me locally.

Luthvarian Fiber Arts
PO Box 11044
Kansas City, MO 64119

Try to let me know if you plan to help so I can plan accordingly. Any questions? Send me an email!

Also check out the American sister group for ARC. They’ve got a lot of resources and additional patterns.



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  1. Linda M. Reply

    I am going to try and send you ten to twenty nests by Feb 1st! Thank you for all the links. I was really hoping there would be a way to help out, and they are going to be going into their winter soon, so nests are going to be vital for several months at the very least!

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  3. Melody Robinson Reply

    It seems like the second pattern Joey pouch doesn’t require lining but stitching up bottom and I think both sides. I will make as many as I can if both sizes (casting on 100 and 130) and mail to you in plenty of time prior to Feb 5. I live in Halstead Kansas and if you have any hints or helps please let me know.

    • luthvarian Reply

      That sounds fantastic. I’m working on my first one right now and it seems to be pretty straight forward. If you do find yourself having trouble, let me know and I’ll be happy to help troubleshoot.

        • luthvarian Reply

          Worsted weight works too. I am using size 8 needles with worsted and reducing the stitches down to about 70 and 95 for my personal gauge.

  4. Jill Reply

    I will be making Joey pouches for you if you still need them. Anything else I can knit? Unfortunately I do not sew.

  5. Tabitha Reply

    Made a call to gather pouches and nests in Winnipeg, and will ship them to you by Feb 1st! I will try to line all of them before they go out, as I’m sure you’ll have plenty of work on your hands with that.

    Thank you so much for taking initiative with this!

  6. Kirsten Peterson Reply

    Do we have to use 8-ply yarn? I have lots of leftover yarn from previous projects, but none are 8-ply. Could I just use a different yarn and make it to the same dimensions? I’m not very fast at crocheting, but I’ll do my best to send you some before February.

    • luthvarian Reply

      As long as the dimensions are right, you should be good. I probably would steer clear of lighter yarns for the larger pouches, since they need to be sturdy. Thank you!

  7. Camilla Reply

    Would a worsted weight work if it were to be felted? I’m thinking specifically of the non-superwash Cascade 220.

  8. heatheredchic Reply

    How many skeins would I need to knit one pouch? Trying to figure out how many I need to buy.

    • luthvarian Reply

      Ooooh, good question. I don’t have a solid answer. I’m currently using an aran yarn to make the 9″ pouch and it is taking me about 170 yards. I’m imagining the 5″ pouches will be around 100 yards each of DK weight. That’s a rough guess at best, though.

  9. Grace Stohs Reply

    I would like to help! I will send you a few by the end of this month. Thanks for coordinating this effort!

  10. Grace Stohs Reply

    Hi again. I started my first small pouch but am thinking it looks kinda big. What are the dimensions you’re looking for in terms of height and width? I tend to knit loosely and have already reduced the needle size. Ty.

    • luthvarian Reply

      The three sizes are 5″, 9″ and 12″ finished pouches but anything between can be used. Perfect gauge isn’t necessary. I think the 100 or 130 stitches make 10″, 18″ and 24″ wide, so that the piece can be folded in half to make a square, if that is what you’re running into, too.

  11. Sherri Barnes Reply

    Hi! I live in Idaho and hope to send a few larger Joey pouches in a couple of weeks. I do not sew but will send along appropriate lining materials since I read that you had someone who could make liners. I’ll also send a check to help with postage. Who should I make the check out to? Thanks for organizing this!

    • luthvarian Reply

      Wonderful! That sounds perfect. And I’d be grateful for help with postage. A check could be made out to Meagan Condon. Thank you!

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  13. Cynthia Griggs Reply

    I’m happy to be able to help make some pouches. I can’t really make an exact commitment, but believe I should be able to make at least 6 to 10 by your deadline.

    I will be knitting mine with worsted weight on #6 needles. The (2nd link) pattern I’m following doesn’t include instructions for a liner. If these do need a liner, I do not have access to much cotton material. I’m hoping they don’t need them, or they can be added later. Just wanted to give you the heads up.

    Thank you for posting this opportunity to provide resources for these poor animals. I didn’t even know about these pouches before seeing your post shared.

    • luthvarian Reply

      Thank you, this sounds fantastic, and don’t stress. Whatever you can do will help. Don’t worry about liners. We’ve got other volunteers who can make them. Cheers!

  14. Grace Reply

    Hi Meagan, are you still collecting joey pouches? I saw a post on FB that Australia is no longer accepting handmade items from the U.S. Please advise, I have 5 pouches for donation. Thanks.

    • luthvarian Reply

      Please go ahead and send them. Sarah is aware of our shipment and she’ll hold onto the items until they’re needed.

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