Shades of Grey

Anne Merrow, one of Spin-Off’s editors posted a great article a while back titled When Spinning Teachers Disagree. I thought this is an important article to share, as it aligns strongly with what I teach in my spinning lessons. The answer to every question is “It depends.” One of my favorite phrases is “we live in the grey spaces,” meaning there is no real right or wrong, black or white.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t trust anyone, or that you can simply dismiss an idea that doesn’t agree with your preconceived notions. Instead, here’s the best method I know of for learning about spinning: research, then test. Seek out opposing, even contrarian views. Read closely and see if they actually disagree or are making slightly different points. Then try the methods described and see if your results match.

Experimentation, trial and error, and educated decisions are values I carry when it comes to fiber arts. Learn the technique, then break the rule. Understand that you’re not going to get the same result if you do break the rule. Learn so that you can have a reason to break the rules.


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