Happy New Year!

Hello friends and happy New Year! We’ve had 3-ish days to start settling in at home with baby Dutch (or reiner73 or reinervarian, if you please). I say 3-ish, because I’ve lost my sense of time, as is to be expected. This picture is a lie, reiner72 and I are exhausted (also to be expected).

Here’s the plan for the very near future. The next few weeks, we’ll be focused on settling into our new routine and getting me through recovery. Reiner72 will be back to streaming as soon as possible. I’ll be back closer to March.

In the mean time, I’ll be working on some writing for Ply and I’ve got a few yarn subscription reviews coming up in January. I’m also planning some interesting experiments inspired by baby products. Stay tuned.


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  1. Karen E MacEwan Reply

    It’s so good to see you three home! Enjoy your new bundle, Mama Shark!!

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