Monday Update – Preemptive Strike

Hello fiber friends!  Happy holidays, whichever ones you celebrate!  I wrote this post a bit early.  By the time you are reading it, if you’ve been following my updates, I’ll already be in the hospital. 

Sunday, I’ll be admitted and Monday, the doctor will induce at week 39.  Recent research has found potential benefits to induction in week 39 and does not increase the likelihood of complications with newborns.

I’ve spent this last week at home, knocking out as many fiber/writing projects as possible and busting hump to get sampling done.  I say busting hump.  I mean reclined in my comfy chair with my new e-spinner and knitting needles, between naps.  

Christmas is on hiatus for our family, since we will definitely be in the hospital and there is a good chance baby Dutch will be born on the 25th.

Still we got our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree up with some gifts for our parents, who will be visiting sometime after we return from the hospital.

My goal will be to continue Monday updates for a while and then ease back in to producing more fiber-related content.  Naturally, we’ll see how everything goes.  I’ve been working to review some monthly yarn and fiber subscriptions, so look for those reviews in the next month or so.  

And baby pictures, of course!


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