Monday Update, Week 38

Week 38, friends.  The finish line is in sight!  I’ve taken off this week from the library to get some rest and knock out some fiber writing. 
I did do a little baking over the weekend, too.  Last chance to do so!  My feet are now painfully swollen, so this week we’ll be resting them!  

I’m working on a new research project for Ply Magazine and want to get as much done for it as I can before baby Dutch is here.  There’s no more baby prep left to do!  There’s some spinning (with the Electric Eel), knitting, and microscope slides I can work on this week, even with the new swelling in my hands. 

I’m fighting carpal tunnel from swelling, but unlike the swelling caused from overworking my hands, this swelling is caused by fluid retention.  Keeping my hands in compression gloves and busy is helping fight off the numbness.  Here’s to keeping busy this week!


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