Happy Monday Update!

We’re at week 37 and nearing end-game.  This last week, one of the challenges I’ve faced has been some mild swelling in my hands caused by edema.  I’ve been spinning on the eel and knitting, but the build-up of fluid in my wrists is causing pregnancy-related carpal tunnel.  I am experiencing it when I knit, but will also wake up in the middle of the night with numb hands from my sleeping position.

Speaking of nerve numbness, I’ve also experienced meralgia paresthetica.  This is the compression of the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, which feeds the outside of the thigh.

In the world of fiber, a new local yarn store opened up in Kansas City called Yarn Social KC and Reiner accompanied me.  The Treasure Goddess, another great local fiber artist, had a trunk show there.

Yarn Social stocks a variety of high-end and indie-dyed yarns.  Everything was truly drool-worthy.  And a number of my fiber friends and even a past spinning student just happened to be there, too!  Go figure, right? 

The shop is divided into two rooms.  The main room contained most of the yarn.  The second room included the trunk show yarns, some ceramics, and a sitting area for social knitting.  They advertise two knitting social get-togethers every week, which I was super stoked about, even if I won’t be able to attend for a while. 

Reiner really gave me some warm fuzzies.  This will probably all sound silly, but keep in mind, this isn’t his hobby or something that particularly interests him.  He is a very good listener and he does find the technical aspects of what I do fun to learn about.  Still, yarn is not his thing.

For the first time ever, he spotted a skein of purple/blue yarn he really liked and pointed it out to me.  We got it and I’ll make him something nice.  Again, yarn is just not his thing, so it was fun seeing him find something he actually wanted.

The really fun one was when we were looking at Treasure Goddess’s yarns.  I picked out a grey skein and there were two burgundies to pick between.  The following conversation ensued:

Luth: Which burgundy should I get?

Reiner: They’re the same color.

Luth: No, that one’s darker.

Reiner: No, look here at the labels, same colorway… … …oh shit, different dye lot.  You’re right, this one is darker.  You should get the darker one.  

I hadn’t even looked at the labels yet.  I have the best partner!


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  1. nicola Reply

    Beautiful yarn! Wish I lived closer to KC. Hang in there, momma you’re in the home stretch at 37 weeks! I had the worst swelling in my legs plus sciatica with my two pregnancies. It’s all worth it when you finally meet your sweet little one!

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