Happy Monday! Week 36! Fiber Update!

Hey team!  I promised a fiber update today.  One of our lovely fiber friends has been incredibly kind.  As I’ve gotten further along in my pregnancy, I’ve been unable to spin on my wheel (and effectively with my spindles).  I’ve been focusing on baby prep, but I’ve definitely missed spinning.

Our lovely fiber friend went out of her way to purchase for me the new Electric Eel 5.2 to help me continue spinning through the end of my pregnancy and going forward.  The eel was developed as an affordable e-spinner when compared to those already on the market, which usually cost in the range of $1000 and up.  I’ll be looking forward to providing a full review of this sweet piece of equipment in the upcoming months, but I really want to put her through her paces first.  I can’t express how thankful I am

Naturally, I had to spin something immediately.  I chose a sampler project which i intended to send forward to my friend.  With this project, I began with a number of different sample colorways in quarter and half ounce segments which I arranged into a pleasing color run.  I divided the fiber in half by weight to create my two plies.

The final yarn was about a fingering weight and I was pretty darn happy with it.  My only concern is I was so excited to get it to said friend that I forgot to wash it before I sent it.  Oops!

It felt really great to get some spinning done.  Between swollen ankles, exhaustion, etc, I’ve been feeling my limitation, especially as we round the corner into the final month.  Who knows, maybe I’ll bring the eel with me to the hospital when it is go time!  Joking, joking.


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