Monday Update!

Happy Monday!  Week 35 is here and, boy, am I starting to feel it!  I’ve finally gotten to the point where my feet are too swollen to fit into any of my shoes.  I wore a pair of rubber-bottomed slippers to work this morning!  I am also liable to get stuck on my back while trying to roll over.  Great fun!

As we get closer to go-time, I’m planning on keeping the shop open with one caveat;  I’ve removed all the made-to-order items for the time being.  Everything that’s ready to ship is still there and the made-to-order items will be back in the Spring.  Don’t be afraid to order if there is something you need.  Reiner will be helping me fill orders over the next few months.

At this point, baby brain is hitting me hard.  Between naps, I’m rushing to get the baby room organized, finish writing thank you notes, and get my team at work ready to roll for three months without me.






I also wanted to share that I received another hand-made sweater.  Look at how pretty this is!  Goldyspinner is another good fiber friend.  She made this beautiful sweater from superwash Falkland which she then dyed with woad to get a sort of denim effect!  She wrote about it on her blog, so be sure to check it out for more information.  I’m enamoured!  You should have seen me gush to reiner about it.

For next Monday’s update, I’ll have an exciting spinning update thanks to a certain lovely reader and fiber friend.  We’ll just say, I have the opportunity to spin for the first time in over a month!



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