Happy Monday! My baby and I are knit-worthy!

Happy Monday, lovelies.  Week 34, this week.  The last few weeks have been exhausting: two conferences, a bad cold and sinus infection, and baby celebrations.  I can’t wait until I have some time and energy to get some fiber work done!

One happy thing I found out is that my baby and I are knit-worthy!

Steph and her mom are fantastic crocheters and made me an amigurumi penguin, alpaca and a cute teddy bear hoodie.

We had a surprise visit from Meralgia  and RuthSpinner who brought with them gifts from several of my fiber friends.  Dremyr58’s spouse made a beautiful sea foam sweater.  Meralgia made a gorgeous tan sweater.  And Sasha from DM Fibers sent the cutest hat.

I didn’t get a picture before I put them away, but  made a cute fabric diaper and wipe carrier and  dyed a variety of onesies.

I have to count myself lucky that so many people are willing to put their love, time and energy into me!

Amigurumi Penguin by Steph's mom
Crochet Teddy Bear Hoodie by Steph
Laurie's Sweater
Karen's Sweater
Sasha's Hat
Amigurumi Alpaca by Steph



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