Baby Update! And just an update update.

Sorry for the delay in blog posts, friends!  We’ll get back on track shortly.  The last two weeks have been rather rough.  I am relatively certain I can pinpoint last week’s illness to a particular gentleman a the library conference the week before.

Pregnancy suppresses your immune system and I’m lucky this was the first time I’ve gotten sick, considering I work with children.  I had a cold that very quickly morphed into a nasty sinus infection.  I stayed home from work all week, slept 14-16 hours each day, and had to get antibiotics.  I’m still a little rough, but I’m well enough to be a warm body this week.

I’ll be wearing a mask to work for another week or two to help me avoid another strain of cold virus or norovirus.  Being sick while pregnant is somewhat worse than being sick while not.  No worries for baby, though!  The only major concern was keeping fever below 102°F, which we did.  And maybe annoying him with the constant cough.

We are 32 weeks today!  We’re at the beginning of our 8th month.  Between being sick and that amount of pregnant, Reiner, my doctor and I decided it would be best for me to stop live streaming until after the baby.  We’ll continue with social media, blog, and Discord updates, but two hours live in front of a spinning wheel isn’t going to cut it for the next few months.

I expect my blog posts to be a little inconsistent over the next three months, so bear with me please.  We’ll be ready to find a new normal sometime in February, I imagine.




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