Baby Update!

We’re into the third trimester, friends.  I feel like I got slammed with the wall of tired again, so forgive me as we navigate these final three months.  I expect things to be kooky and our schedule to be increasingly unpredictable.  For example, Friday evening, I went to bed at 6pm and didn’t get up until 6:30am.  That was after napping for a good portion of the day, too.

Everything is coming together, though.  We’re getting into crunch time to get things finished up.  Reiner has a decal to put up on the wall and I’ve got to start packing a hospital bag.

Spinning on the wheel continues to get more and more difficult.  I had to cut stream early on Thursday because I was ready to keel over.  I have to admit, I’m getting a little frustrated, because I’ve still got work to do and I’m struggling to figure out how and what I can stream without wearing myself out.  I want to make sure what I’m live streaming is also interesting enough to watch and falls within the parameters of what we do!  I’m also trying to stay flexible, since what I feel comfortable doing changes day by day.

I’m also longing to hit the lathe again!









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