Baby & Spinzilla Update!

Happy Monday, friends.

I learned one important piece of information about both spinning and my pregnancy this last week during Spinzilla.  Wheel spinning is a great exercise for your pelvic floor.  I like to point out that spinning works muscles we don’t even know exist and this is a prime example.  This is one I didn’t notice until now.  It also explains why kegels seem ineffective to me; I’ve already been developing those muscles.

I’ve been limiting myself on spinning, because it was making me sore and I was afraid I was overdoing it.  However, I think I’m going to try to continue wheel spinning during the third trimester — after talking to my doctor, of course.

Spinzilla went well and I feel very accomplished.  I spun 5518 Spinzilla yards and turned 32 oz of stash into yarn.  This is more than I thought I’d manage, by a long shot.  My initial goal was to spin for 2 hours a day, but with lots of short breaks.  Not bad since I’m spinning for two!

I also got the chance to spin with my best friend, who lives in another city.  Win-win-win all around.


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