Baby Update!

Happy Monday, friends!  We’re at week 26, but who is counting?  I went looking for a baby or pregancy photo on pexels, but they were all ridiculous, so here’s a picture of a buffalo instead.

Speaking of bison, did you know they have incredible fiber?  Bison produce a downy undercoat that is short, warm, and crimpy with a micron count in the range of 14-18.  It is typically considered a luxury fiber and is similar to cashmere or angora.  Like these fibers, over time, items made with bison wool get a nice halo.  It is also a nice (though expensive) alternative for those with a wool or lanolin allergy.  Bison fiber makes a particularly beautiful lace yarn!

Also, c/o The Bump, here is a photo for week 26.  Apparently my baby is the size of kale, whatever the heck that means.   Vague fruit and vegetable comparisons seem to be the current baby rage.




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