Happy Monday Baby Update!

We had another baby appointment this morning.  Little one is doing fine.  It has also been an interesting week for textiles.  First, I finished the baby blanket.  If you can’t see from the photo, it matches the carpet and rainbow bins nicely.  It just needs to finish blocking.  Am I allowed to tick off “knitting for baby” on my to-do list now?

I also made a horrible error in judgement.  Would you like to guess who thought it would be a good idea to warp up her new-to-her Gilmore 8-shaft loom while 6 months pregnant?  That’s right, this girl.  Tying up treadles with a round belly is like playing Katamari Damacy and involves a lot of rolling on the floor.  Guess who won’t be changing patterns for a while!

I warped her up with two handspun yarns I’ve had in my stash.  One is a natural black alpaca from a dark boy named BamBam.  I blended lots of copper sparkle into his fiber and came up with a beautiful warp.  The second yarn is from rolags titled Indian Market from Willow Fairy Wool.   I thought these colors  paired nicely together.  It’s nice to get something fiber-y done.  The growing belly has definitely put some limits on what I can physically do.  The mind is willing, though!


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