Baby Update! Yes another one!

Hey, team, baby update!  We are at 24 weeks this week.  (P.S. For those of you who watch our live stream, I told you my hair was purple!)  Some pregnancy site told me my child is the size of corn on the cob.  I think a more accurate description might be a Subway five-dollar-foot-long.  Whoever comes up with the food comparisons for the different weeks of pregnancy… eesh, we’ve got some serious misconceptions of the size of different foods.  Thanks social media!

I’m slowing down further on my wheel spinning.  I can usually manage 20-40 minutes before I’m worn out.  But I’m still doing fairly well with fiber prep and spindle spinning.  This weekend, I even made a brave attempt to start a warp for my loom.  I didn’t make it very far. 🙂  But we’ll keep working on that.  I’m also almost finished with my baby blanket.  I’ve got about 8 more rows to go.

Oh, and my lesson for the week.  Pregnancy can cause carpal tunnel!  Fluid retention can cause swelling around your hands and arms, which can contribute to restriction of the median nerve as it travels through your wrist.

Spinzilla is coming up fast at the beginning of October, so I’ll also be doing some fiber planning for that in the upcoming weeks.  I’ll see you on stream on Thursday, friends!





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