Yep, More Baby Stuff

You thought you were safe from the baby updates.  Sorry, no dice!  Today we went in for our twenty week ultrasound and appointment.  It was kind of crazy and it really helped me distinguish what his movements actually feel like.  He was twisting and turning and making it hard on the poor technician trying to get pictures of his heart and brain.  They estimated his weight at a whopping 14 oz.  The best part of the ultrasound is we got a video of him grabbing and letting go of his foot.

Last week, I mentioned I’d also started working on a baby blanket to coordinate with our rainbow-themed nursery.  Here’s how it is looking so far.  It will be nice and pointy once it is blocked out.  I’m not sure how many color repeats we’ll have, two or three.  It depends on how much yarn I have left after the second repeat!


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