Try This! Combination Drafting and Sparkle

Are you looking for a burst of sparkle in your yarn?  Have you already blended up a colorway to perfection and realized you forgot to toss in the angelina?  No worries, you’ve still got time to get your sparkle into your yarn.  Combination drafting is a technique where two fiber supplies are laid side by side and the spinner drafts from both at the same time.  It can create some unique and fantastic color combinations and it can be used to incorporate add-ins to your yarn.  For a basic combination, you might use two different colorways of the same fiber type.

The technique can be modified for smaller bursts of color.  When you begin your spinning project, have your fiber and your sparkle nearby.  Hold your main fiber supply in your drafting hand and begin to spin.  When you get to a spot where you wish to add sparkle, pick up your angelina or firestar, hold the sparkle next to your draft zone, and allow some of the sparkle to be drawn into your yarn.  The fun part of this technique is that you have full control of your sparkle.  You can allow as much or as little sparkle into an area of yarn as you want!



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