Check your colorway before you knit it!

Happy Friday, friends.  Today, I want to touch on colorways.  We have access to a million different custom colorways from indie artists, commercial yarn companies, and what we can dye from our own imaginations.  This is a reminder to check your colors before you knit up a large project.

  • Different skeins will likely have color pool differently, even if they’re the same colorway, especially if they’re produced by hand.  It is difficult to create identical skeins, and if you’re using multiple skeins for a project, this can be visible in your finished item.
  • A colorway that looks great for socks won’t necessarily look great for a shawl (such as the photo of my most recent color test The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief to the right.)
  • Even if you swatch in your chosen pattern before starting the project, keep in mind that the colors will look different if the length of your rows is different from the swatch.  Swatching doesn’t always predict color pooling.
  • If you don’t like how it looks, don’t be afraid to frog it and use that yarn for another project.  Some of these yarns are pricey (and reasonably so) and you should love the project you make with them.

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