Happy End of Tour de Fleece!

Can you believe that the tour is already over?  Well, until next year, at least!  Now comes the really difficult part of the tour, though.  You’ve spun up many beautiful yarns (of course), so finish up your last project and set your wheel or spindle aside.  Let’s use up some of that yarn before it sneaks into our stash!


Here are a few pattern ideas to whet your whistle:


Make a hat!  Luthvarian Fiber Arts offers a free cross-over hat pattern in both a crochet and a knit version. (Photo by WallsOfGab)



The Age of Brass & Steam Kerchief by Orange Flower Yarn is one of my favorite quick-workup shawls.  It showcases most colors and gradients well.  Pattern can be added onto to use up more yarn! (Photo c/o Orange Flower Yarn)



Another one of my favorite free quick-workups is The Easy Mistake Stitch Scarf by Purl Soho.  Very basic pattern but showcases gradients and fractals nicely.



Weave it!  Weaving uses up a considerable amount of yarn fast.  Use your short bits to weave sample squares which can be sewn together for larger projects.  Use multiple art yarns together in one large project.  Experiment!



The Simple Yet Effective Cowl by tincanknits is one of my go-to cowls when I have a single skein of hand spun yarn. (photo c/o tincanknits)


All of these patterns are fast workups, show color off well, and are simple enough to work on in your knitting circle without losing your stitch count.

Have any other pattern suggestions?  Leave them in the comments!





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