Show and Tell: Tour de Fleece Team Projects Week 3

Happy Friday, friends!  Today is the last Friday of Tour de Fleece!  Just a few more days left to spin.  Check out the awesome projects that some of team Do it Yourself and Dye’s members made this week!  This week’s theme was all about texture!



 made some lovely cabled yarn.  She started off plying a red and purple single but then decided to do them separately.  This was the result.






 created a scrummy green, purple and black coil and beehive yarn.




 made some “accidental boucle.”

“One yarn fine spun Clun Forest, alpaca, puni, plied counterclockwise. One thick single with Kerry Hill spun low twist clockwise, plied these together clockwise with the Clun Forest loose around the Kerry Hill core, then plied this counter-clockwise with a commercial crochet cotton thread to bind the boucle. I failed to change up to the jumbo flyer for the last step and got a bunching effect through the oriface and around my hooks, so had to stop and start and wind on by hand every few treadles, but the bunching effect is mostly interesting,” she explained.



continued to work on her team colorway yarn.



Next week, we’ll show and tell some of the new yarn stash the team spun over the course of the tour!


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