TdF: Stay Motivated, Don’t Destroy Yourself

Happy Monday!  One more week of Tour de Fleece left and I wanted to put out a gentle reminder.  Slogging through the last week can really test a spinner’s endurance.  A good challenge can help develop a spinner’s skills.  Sadly, it can also end up being demotivational depending on how it is approached.  Here are Meagan’s reminders for your mental health when it comes to TdF.

1. Don’t let your goals overwhelm you!

Did you plan to spin a pound of fiber every week and find you’ve been struggling to get more than a few ounces spun?  Are you behind on finishing the multiple projects you had planned out?  Don’t fret if your eyes were bigger than your bobbins.  Celebrate the bobbins you fill!  Maybe you didn’t finish three projects, but you finished one!  Celebrate that one!

2. Don’t beat yourself up if you missed a day.

While spinning every day is a great aspiration, sometimes life gets in the way.  Sometimes you just don’t feel like it.  That’s okay!  Shoot for the moon; even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.  If you spend your time beating yourself up over the small “failures,” you won’t be present to appreciate your successes.

3. Don’t be afraid to abandon it if you don’t have the time.

Your coach might never tell you to give up, but I will.  If life is crazy… if brother Sid got into a car accident and your aunt’s baby is due any day now… if you are just not having fun… not motivated…  Set TdF aside.  TdF will be here next year, but brother Sid needs you now and that baby isn’t going to birth itself.

4. TdF is supposed to be fun.

This may very well be the most important thing to remember.  If you’re not having fun, why on earth are you doing this to yourself?  If TdF turns into a torture device, STOP, STOP, STOP.   You’re more likely to hurt your love of spinning than get anything productive out of the tour.


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