Show and Tell: Tour de Fleece Team Projects

As part of team Do it Yourself and Dye (DiY&Dye), I am always excited to share what the team is working on.  During Tour de Fleece, we usually have a range of team challenges.  For the first week, two of our challenges were to use a team set of colors (teal, purple, grey) and to spin a tweed yarn.

Goldyspinner, one of our long-standing team members.  She carded her mohair into individual color rolags and then spun them, alternating through the colors.






Fellow streamer and teammate Amavelwynd also took on the team color challenge.  She carded all three colors into each rolag, for shorter color changes.








I also participated in the challenge.  I carded mohair batts, blending the colors between to create a gradual gradient with long color shifts.








For the tweed challenge,  worked with combing waste from Polypay to get the texture.








While  didn’t label her yarn a tweed, I couldn’t help but notice the lovely teal popping against the brown fiber.







MattachineLee incorporated natural dyed nepps, saved from hand carding, into her Texel x Rouge yarn.


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