TdF Starts Tomorrow!

Buckle up, tomorrow is the first day of Tour de Fleece.  If you’re all ready to go or ready to cheer for your favorite teams, here’s a few last minute tips!



Take care of your hands!

Take a moment to do a hand treatment.  While this video isn’t high production quality, it has some solid information hand care for the fiber artist.

Clean up your workspace!

A clean workspace makes for a clearer mind.  Any projects you aren’t working on during TdF, place them into storage.  As they say, out of sight, out of mind.  Have one project out at a time.  It can remove some of the intimidation of having all your projects within sight.


You’re probably going to be spinning a lot in the next few weeks.  Take some time today to just rest.  Read a book.  Sit in the garden. Put the knitting and spinning aside.  Save up some energy for tomorrow, when you’ll really need it!


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  1. Karen E MacEwan Reply

    Thanks for your Sage advice! For those of us die-hards who will be starting at midnight (and all of you normal people who will start on Saturday) good luck with the Tour!

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