Tour de Fleece 2018

The tour is upon us! Happy spinning!

What is Tour de Fleece (TdF)?

TdF is a fiber event hosted on Ravelry which coincides with the Tour de France.  For every day the tour rides, we spin.  We rest on the rest days and challenge ourselves on the challenge days.  This year’s tour rides from July 7 to July 29.

Participants join teams to encourage and challenge each other and some teams offer prizes.  Different teams have different requirements or different goals, but the ultimate goal is a positive experience and opportunity for growth as a spinner and as a community.

While I often participate with a number of teams, there is one team I ALWAYS participate: Do it Yourself and Dye (DiY&Dye).  DiY&Dye is close to my heart.  The group requirements are that all fibers used for the tour must be processed from raw fleece and dyed.  No commercial top, no natural, undyed fiber.  Dyeing can be done before or after it is spun, but it must be done before the tour is over.  DiY&Dye comes up with specific challenges each week that provide a wide berth of learning experiences, encouraging participants to dip their toes into everything, from natural dyes to art yarns.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the tour at any level of experience and dedication.  It is a loosely organized event that allows us to each work to our own abilities.  Some members aim to spin for 15 minutes per day.  Some focus on destash.  Others focus on maximizing yardage.

If you haven’t participated before, I urge you to jump in feet first.  You’ll find a welcoming and helpful community who will help get you started.


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