Luthvarian’s Dyer’s Garden in Action

While it is late in the season, my new planter space is mostly installed.  I’m still waiting on river rock to be placed around the raised beds, but aside from that’ we are ready to roll with our (mostly) dyer’s garden.  Here’s what’s going in this year:

  • Madder (red)
  • Woad (blue)
  • Japanese Indigo (blue)
  • Marigold (yellow)
  • Mint (green/yellow)
  • beats (red, not light-fast)
  • tomatos
  • peppers
  • cucumbers
  • pole beans
  • assorted herbs
  • lemongrass
  • citronella

I also have milkweed seeds to plant in fall so that next year, we may be able to harvest the plants for fiber.  It was too late to start the cotton seeds I have on hand, so we’ll try for cotton next year, too.

Many of the plants we’ve chosen, such as woad, mint, and milkweed, can be invasive, so plant management will be important.  We’ll need to cut buds before they go to seed.

Another friend is growing a field of flax for us to process together this year, so we’ll plan to do some fiber prep at the end of the season.

What’s in your garden?



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