Diversity in Spinning

Let’s start today with a hot button topic; diversity.  When we look at the roots of spinning and weaving across the world, spinning is, in some way, a part of every cultural heritage across the globe. However, when you attend a fiber event, like PlyAway, Stitches West, or the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival (or whatever fiber festival is closest to you!) you’ll probably notice a lack of diversity.  Diversity can be represented by sexuality, culture, values, religion, gender, and an abundance of other ways.

Why is diversity important to the spinning community?

  • Diversity leads to creativity and the combination of new ideas.
  • People deserve the opportunity to see themselves reflected in an art.
  • Discomfort towards other groups of people is often expressed as hate.
  • Productive innovation stems from being able to approach problems from different perspectives.

I think it may be beneficial to ask questions like… in what ways are we a diverse community and in what ways are we not?  Why does our community trend the way it does?  Why are we not diverse in other ways? What can we do as a community to open ourselves up to a more diverse audience?


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