A New Addition to the Luthvarian Herd

I would like to introduce you to Calypso, the newest addition to our band of merry tools.  Calypso is a Gilmore Compact, eight shaft floor loom.  After talking with Bob, one of the current owners of Gilmore (he let me call him up at 7:30 pm his time to research), I learned quite a bit about my new loom.

Calypso was built in August 1971.  She was a custom order, built with a removable beam slotted with square pegs.  Purchased by someone with the name Sloan in Saint Paul, MN.  She spent some time in a basement and gained some minor water damage.  At some point she went up for auction in Saint Paul.  She was purchased by BobNWeave, a friend of mine.  BobNWeave was willing to pass her on to me.

Aside from minor water damage, she’s in pretty good condition. Her new home will be in our sun room, which means she won’t be showing up on stream any time soon, but remember you can also check out Amavelwynd to get your weekly dose of floor loom weaving.


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