Blog Update

Starting this week, the blog will be slowing down a little.  Up until this point, I’ve been posting once per day, seven days per week.  We’re going to switch it up to three days per week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday updates.  No, I’m not burnt out.  No, I’m not out of ideas; as if you could get me off my soapbox when it comes to fiber topics!

Life is about balance, and with the added work on articles for Ply Magazine and additional life obligations, I need to rebalance.  So for now, I’ll write a little less for the blog and a little more for Ply, Spin-Off and my micron research project with Joanna.

In the mean time, if you have any great ideas or questions you’d like answered in the blog, let me know.  And I always welcome guest writers to share their knowledge of fiber arts as well!

We’ll be back on Monday!


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