Top 5 Tools Every Novice Spinner Needs


5. Spritzer Bottle

A  spritzer bottle is usually the last thing on a novice spinner’s mind, but it can help solve so many problems!  Static will, forever, be the enemy of the fiber artist.  Whether it is a dollar store spray bottle or a fancy oil spritzer like this one, every spinner needs a spritzer.  You can fill it with either water or a combing milk to help reduce static, moisturize your fiber, and make it easier to spin.



4. A Good Moisturizer and Scrub

Keeping your hands moisturized is so important, particularly if you’re working with fine or static-prone fibers.   You can keep lotion or a lotion bar nearby, but my favorite way to moisturize my hands is to use a salt and oil scrub.  Pour about a teaspoon each of iodized kitchen salt and olive oil into the palm of your hands and then rub them together and rinse.  It removes any uneven bits of skin that might catch on your fiber and leaves a light layer of oil for your skin to soak up.  This works particularly well if you’re working with silk, which will catch on everything.

3. Lazy Kate

Whoever first called it a Lazy Kate created a grievous misnomer. Lazy Kates  hold your bobbins as you ply and come in a number of form factors.  My favorite form factor is any lazy kate the holds the bobbin at a 45 degree angle.  There are even lazy kates which hold your spindles so that you can ply directly off two spindles onto a third.  This is one of those tools that can get pricey, but can be as simple as a cardboard shoe box with knitting needles poked through it.  Regardless how high or low tech you get with this tool, you’ll need something to manage your yarn while you ply.

2. Niddy Noddy

A niddy noddy is used to wind yarn off your wheel or spindle into a skein.  Many are pre-measured for one, one and a half, or two yard skeins.  You simply count the number of loops on your skein and multiply it by the size of the niddy noddy.  You can use the back of a chair or your forearm (like winding rope) as well, you just need a measuring tape to get your yardage.



1. Your Hands

Yes, you read that correctly.  Your hands are your most important tools you have and they’ll last you a life time if you treat them well.  Don’t overwork your hands by spinning too much.  Give your hands plenty of rest and moisture.  Drink water and stretch.  If you have medical concerns, such as carpal tunnel syndrome,  ganglion cyst, or anything unusual  happening with your hands, see a doctor.


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