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A review of London pubs by Dorothy Gale. You know, that little Kansas girl that basically saved Oz? Well, she’s grown up now, and not drinking in Kansas anymore, Toto.


Ever wonder what type of alcohol represents a type of fiber? Well, we have put our minds together and have come up with the not so definitive list of just that! So sit back, grab your knitting and a drink, and enjoy the boozy batts.

Red Heart (aka literally anything acrylic)

Budweiser Beer. You don’t really want it, but it’s the old faithful. Cheap, easily found basically everywhere, and it gets the job done. Sure you don’t want to really admit to using it, but everyone knows you have at one time or another.

Wool (of all varieties)

Hard cider (or just cider for those of us not in America). Comforting, easy, and smooth. That describes both the fiber and drink. So many different types of each, that you won’t get bored with this booze or fiber for a long while. A staple for many, and for some the first drink. Personally the one I always come back to.


Tequila. It always starts with good intentions, but somehow goes awry. Great in small doses, but can get to be a headache if too much is used. Also one of those things that you either have the taste for, or would really rather avoid.


 The Craft Beer of the fiber world. So many different colours and breeds to work with, the options are endless. Plus the fact you can blend either with so many other different flavours to create something new but familiar it is insane. A fiber and drink for the true hipsters.


Sparkling wines. Bright, light, warm, and fuzzy. Angora is that delightful little fiber that keeps bringing you back to play with it, but too much leaves you a little fuzzy. Same goes for sparkling wine. Bubbly and delicious, it sneaks up on your senses but you keep going back for that sweet taste.


Red wine. Sharp, sometimes dry, and yet super smooth. Silk and red wine go hand in hand. Both have a bite if not used correctly, so watch out. Plus, we cannot ignore the not so subtle fact both are luxurious and fancy as all get out.  


Vodka. Look, the only reason you really want to work with linen is after a couple shots of this delightful clear drink anyway. It’s a pain to spin, and a pain to use. Stiff and unforgiving, just buck up and go hard with this fiber.

Bonus Fiber:
Doublecoated Fleece


Moonshine. Goes down smooth but kicks you in the rear right away. Let’s be real, after working with doublecoated fleece, you’re going to want to forget everything. And it puts hair on your chest…spindle…and well, basically everything else.




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