Monday – the Final Countdown to Ply Away III

I woke up early Monday morning, unable to sleep in, even though this was my first day off work.  Monday was the official start date of Ply Away III!  While there were no classes scheduled on this first arrival day, I was still eager to get to the hotel and pick up my schedule and bag.

This year’s theme; space.  The graphics are clever, incorporating satellites, stars and rockets.  I especially love the tag “International Spinning Get-Together.”  I must admit, this particular shade of kelly green is not my favorite, but all of the stationary, bag, and shirt look very nice together, especially with the use of black as a contrast.

The goodie bag is always a part of registration I look forward to.  Someone once asked me how I accumulate samples for my sampler yarns, and the answer is events like this.  Among the fiber goodies, there was a ceramic magnet from Monger Ware Arts, a lint brush from Hansen Crafts, and a round weaver art loom from Purl & LoopThe Spun Bunny included a fun sampler with fiber, a sample of Unicorn scour, and a WPI tool.  You might also notice in the photo below a familiar logo in the upper right.  I’m happy to say I think my samples hold their own in this awesome assortment.  Phew!

On the way home, I stopped by the Missouri river for luck.  I start classes first thing Tuesday morning.  I have my wheel packed and my wrists are resting.  But my brain is buzzing and I’m ready to learn.

During the next week, I won’t be able to live stream on my regular schedule, but please keep your eyes peeled for social media.  I’ll be posting as many photos and videos as I can over the next five days!



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