Do It Yourself and Dye Collaborative fleece-to-finished-project-a-long

I’m excited to announce that Twitch Creates Yarn and Do It Yourself and Dye (DiY&Dye) will be doing a collaborative fiber-to-finished-project-a-long.  Project kits are available for sale in my shop or if you have raw mohair (or other fiber) and dyes in our team colors already, you’re welcome to join along!

Also, this is a a project-a-long for fiber artists of all skill levels, beginner to experienced.  This is an opportunity to learn and play together.  Don’t be nervous if you’ve never dyed before!  We are all here to root each other on.

Team Colorway: Teal, Grey & Purple

  • Early May – All pre-order kits will ship out.
  • Late May – We’ll scour our fiber.
  • June – We’ll dye & prepare our fiber.
  • July – As a team, we’ll participate in Tour de Fleece and spin our fiber.
  • August – We’ll create a project with our finished yarn.

The full kit will include:

  • 16 oz raw mohair
  • 4oz bottle Unicorn Power Scour
  • Dyes for our Team Colorway: Teal, Grey & Purple
  • Citric Acid
  • Luthvarian Project Bag

You can also buy just the fiber or just the dye/scour kit.

You will need to provide for yourself:

  • latex gloves
  • a dust mask
  • a dye pot or crock pot (not to be used with food afterward)
  • a wheel or spindle
  • a towel or someplace where you can dry fiber
  • spray bottle or spritzer bottle of water
  • optional Angelina or silver add-in

If you know you would like to participate, please pick up your pre-order before May 1st, so I can accurately purchase supplies to put together kits.  I’ll have a few extra kits ready for late-comers, but these will be limited.

You can pre-order your kit here!


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  1. Zan Reply

    So excited! I doubt I will be deep diving into dyeing, cuz there are so many more talented dye artists out there, but i love learning about the process!

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