Cocktails and Spinning Lessons

My husband, reiner72, is a miniature model painter on Twitch.  He uses an airbrush and traditional brushes to paint very tiny models, primarily for the game Warhammer 40k.  To celebrate him hitting 2000 followers, he agreed to learn how to spin on stream and show off his bar tending skills.  He also invited our friend, Matt, over to provide color commentary.

Both reiner and Matt are creative problem solvers and have hands on experience with their own hobbies.  Matt does machining and construction and reiner paints.  The truth is, having any skill that requires hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills is going to give you a leg up when it comes to learning how to spin.  So many skills cross over from one hobby to the next.  This is one of the reasons learning how to spin makes you a better knitter, crocheter, or weaver.

I’m happy to say that they both produced viable yarn by the end of the stream.  Reiner made the purple and green, Matt made the purple and burgundy and I made the pink and navy.

I also couldn’t resist a little showing off…


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