Lock and Load Scarf

This is the Lock and Load scarf. Three-dimensional elements always interest me and I try to include texture and movement into every piece I make.  In this case, I decided I would weave a scarf using dyed, unprocessed Teeswater locks.

I had some neon yellow handspun singles sitting in my closet.  I had put them into time out, which is a nice way of saying I never expected them to see the light of day.  They weren’t intended to stay singles when I spun them.  They had quite a bit of excess twist, but it worked for the project.

Inspiration so often calls for stash diving and the yellow singles turned out to be the perfect match for the Teeswater locks I had picked up from Wool Shepherdess.

I warped my loom with the singles and saved some for the weft.  While it is usually not recommended to warp with an unplied yarn, I went into this project knowing the risks.  The singles in the weft between the locks helped to anchor the locks in place as well so that I had a structurally sound piece.

The Teeswater locks were 10-12″ in length and the scarf was roughly 7″ wide.  As a drew the locks through the warp, I bunched them up up where the crimp naturally fell.  I also alternated the tip direction so that the scarf would not become lop-sided.

What is the craziest texture you’ve added to a project?  Post it to the Discord!




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