Art Yarn, Heart Yarn

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!  Depending on your perspective, today is either a day full of love or loathing.  I won’t judge either way.

Today, I’d like to share some art yarns we spun this last year.  First, we have a tailspun yarn  using soft green and brown locks.  The locks were spun using a coreless corespun technique with extra twist added and then plied with a darker green Corriedale single.  I wanted to create the sense of shadows beneath the fluffy locks.  While the colors don’t scream love at first sight, it reminds me of the soft love that grows over time.

Too mushy for you?  Our second yarn was spun for Valentine’s Day last year.  It was spun during a live stream with other streamers and is named Twitch Creative Spread the Love Art Yarn.  It contains Corriedale, Merino, angelina, firestar, felted hearts, plastic flowers, and shredded US currency; basically everything that represents the falseness of a commercially generated holiday.  The fake flowers and hearts each had a strip of black fiber stitched through them to anchor them into the yarn.  These were spun into black singles.  The shredded currency was blended with the green wool, spun into a single, and plied with the black strand.

Have you spun art yarn?  If so, post it to the Discord and share it with the community!


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