Review: Judith McKenzie’s The Intentional Spinner

Rating: 4/5

Audience: Intermediate Spinners

Judith McKenzie is, no doubt, one of the greats when it comes to writing about fiber arts and spinning. The Intentional Spinner lives up to her reputation. She offers a detailed overview of many spinning concepts broken into two parts; a section about the nature of fibers and a section about technique.

She approaches the topics with an intense focus on technical details. The book contains photos, charts and algorithms geared toward helping a spinner who already has the basics down, all of which are clear and easy to understand. From explaining the difference between worsted and woolen yarn to breaking down the basic techniques of art yarn, she digs deep and wide. A technical-minded spinner will devour this book! A science-minded non-spinner would also find this book fascinating.

My one hang up about this book is that the text can be rather dense at points. There were several paragraphs that I read and reread before I wrapped my head around the concept. This is not a book to power through in one night. It needs to be read, digested, and would benefit from a second read through.

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