Off the Deep End: Introduction to Dyeing Yarn

If you have cold feet about dyeing yarn and fiber… If you would love to create your own custom colorways… this is the class for you. In this class, we’ll start with food safe dyes you probably have in your own kitchen and move into professional acid dyes.  We will explore two to three methods.  Because dyeing is a chemical process, this class is geared toward adults. Yarn and dyeing supplies will be provided.  Students should bring something to transport their damp yarn home.

3 hour class (half day)
15 student max
Experience Level: Beginner, no experience necessary
Students Provide: an apron to protect clothes if desired, a notebook and pen
Materials Fee Covers – a skein yarn and all the materials needed for acid dyeing

Special Requirements: This class requires access to electricty and running water.

For information on my fee schedule and policies, please contact me using the contact form.


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