Basically Bast

Welcome to the world of bast plant fibers! Hold onto your linens, things are
about to get messy! During the morning, we’ll explore the preparation and processing of
bast fibers. In the afternoon, we’ll enjoy a sampler of bast fibers – flax, ramie, hemp, and
jute. Dare to be bast-ic.

6 hour class (full day)
20 student max
Experience Level: Intermediate, students should be able to spin a single and ply
Students Provide: a spinning wheel in working order, a hand towel, an apron to protect clothes
Materials Fee Covers – a variety of bast fibers to spin during class, including flax, ramie, hemp, and jute.

Special Requirements: This class will need tables which hackles can be clamped to and access to water for wet-spinning.

For information on my fee schedule and policies, please contact me using the contact form.


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