Foraged Color: Introduction to Natural Dyes

Natural dyeing is a science more than an art. It can be intimidating, especially once you realize it takes a whole lot more than soaking a few petals or leaves in water. But nature offers a bounty of colors to those who are willing to try. During the morning, we will work with some easy dyes that don’t require a mordant, like onion peel and black walnut. In the afternoon, we’ll dig into mordants and modifiers. Students should bring something to transport their damp yarn home.

6 hour class (full day)
15 student max
Experience Level: Beginner, no experience necessary
Students Provide: an apron to protect clothes if desired, a notebook and pen, something to carry wet yarn home in
Materials Fee Covers – a skein yarn and all the materials needed for natural dyeing

Special Requirements: This class requires access to electricty and running water.

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