Will it Spin? Pineapple

Almost anything can be fiber, if you try hard enough. In this class, we’ll explore pineapple fiber, and I don’t mean that silky soft viscose from pineapple. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get sticky as we literally beat the fiber out of a pineapple and discuss the importance of experimenting with new fibers and techniques. Bring your muscles and a change of clothes!

3 hour class (half day)
12 student max
Experience Level: Intermediate, students should know how to spin a single and ply.
Students Provide: a spinning wheel or spindle in working order, a pen and notebook, an apron to protect clothes and possibly a change of clothes.
Materials Fee Covers – your very own pineapple

Special Requirements: This class requires access to running water and sturdy tables (one table to every two students).

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